Take Back the Pen

Dear writer’s of the world,

It’s hard, I know. Writer’s Block is always there, breaking into your mind even when you think you’ve finally gotten the perfect security system installed. Writer’s Block is ruthless, and will do anything to prevent you from writing your stories. It’s a long, hard road, both behind you and ahead of you. But I’m here to help.

I, too, understand how hard it is living with Writer’s Block. I’ve let that monster rule my life for months on end. Every time I realized the slump it had pulled me into, I would try to get away. I ran off with all sorts of hopeful relationships. Creativity, Motivation, and even little Daydream…Of course, as soon as it realized what I was doing it just tightened it’s grip on me, pulling me back to it’s cage. I have finally had enough.

I wish I could say the break is permanent, that I’ll never see the monster again, but I know that it isn’t so easy to get rid of. I know I will have many relapses, that it will come back in my moments of weakness. I wish I could say I knew the fix-all bandaide to help us all get rid of it permanently, but I don’t.

I will do all I can to help you, and I ask that you please help me in return. That’s why I created this blog, so we can combat Writer’s Block. I’m going to be posting any tips or tricks I know or learn about, but in return I ask that you tell me your stories. It will help me learn and make this the best blog it can be. Together we can fight this beast, and together we can reach out our hands and finally pick up our pens again.


K. Elaine Taylor


It’s time we had a heart to heart.

Dear Writer’s Block,

I know you and I have been together for a very long time. I know that you have stayed with me even when I cheated on you with Motivation and Creativity. But really…couldn’t you take a hint? I’m not happy with you. You’ve ruined my life since the day we met. I don’t even know how I let it get this far. You’re over protective and jealous of everything I do, and you’ve been that way ever since we met, even before the others. Everyone you touch, you hurt. You tell them that they’re not good enough, that they can’t ever be good enough, and just when they think you’ve finally left them, you come back with a vengance.

Well not anymore. This time, Writer’s Block, I’m breaking up with you.

I want you to have your bags packed and your plane ticket out of my life by dawn. I want you on that plane before breakfast.



The Writer.